What options do I have for unlimited internet in Owasso?

Double Ought Systems Serves Rogers and Tulsa Counties

If you are looking for Internet in Owasso and Rogers or Tulsa Counties you know there are many internet offerings are which are slow and unreliable. Double Ought Systems provides internet in Owasso area and many other towns around Tulsa region with internet service.

Slow Phone Company DSL

Copper-wire dsl offerings from the phone company can lag far behind the times in many areas. Until recently, the only other option may be a cable connection with everyone on your street. Which means when everyone gets home after school and gets online, and.. everyone’s internet speed slugs.

Cable Internet Service in Owasso

One issue with cable internet service is that it is shared by everyone on a street. All the users log on at the same time -after getting home from school and work and service to your home or business is gets very slow at these times. Cable companies often oversell an area.. and are rarely interested in upgrading infrastructure.

Cellphone Data Problems

Cell data has great reliability, but sometimes inconsistent speed and hard data caps. Which means charged for “extra” data or getting an “unlimited” plan from a budget cell provider. If you’ve ever had an “unlimited” service through a budget provider, you already know your speed is limited and the risk of black-listing for over use of “unlimited data” is high.

Tulsa County Satellite Data Cap

There’s a lot of “unlimited” satellite plans, but all of them except ViaSat’s new unlimited plans have “freedom data” or something similar. “Freedom plans” give a soft data cap. After you hit the data-cap, your speed is dropped severely. Excede, Wildblue, Hughesnet and all other satellite service currently have such “soft” datacaps. Now you can get truly unlimited full-speed service with Double Ought Systems.

Double Ought Systems in Rogers County

Double Ought Systems is an internet provider in the 918 and 539 area codes, Rogers County, and zipcodes: 74031, 74036, 74332, 74080,74015, 74017, 74053, 74016, 74019, 74031, 74036, 74332, 74080, 74015, 74017, 74053, 74016, 74019, 74033, 74037, 74043, 74047, 74050, 74055, 74063, 74070, 74073, 74102, 74101, 74104, 74103, 74106, 74105, 74108, 74107, 74112, 74110, 74115, 74114, 74117, 74116, 74120, 74119, 74126, 74128, 74127, 74130, 74129, 74132, 74134, 74133, 74136, 74135, 74137, 74146, 74145, 74150, 74187, 74008, 74011, 74013, 74012, 74021

If you’re not sure what your zipcode is you may be able to find it on this map of Rogers County.

The Unlimited internet plan is available in all these locations. Call Double Ought if for more information or contact us via the contact page.