What are the options for unlimited internet in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma?

Double Ought Systems Has the Best Internet in Broken Arrow Oklahoma

Broken Arrow has a population of over 100k and is located in the southeast side of Tula, Oklahoma. It’s composed mainly of Tulsa County but also includes a part o western Wagoner County. It is the largest suburb of Tulsa. Even though it is the largest suburb of Tulsa there are still issues with getting great internet.

If you live in Broken Arrow, you know that many internet services in the area are slow and unreliable. Double Ought Systems can help you… We provide internet service in Tulsa County and many other areas in the Broken Arrow region.

Do You Have Slow DSL?

DSL technology expanded about as far as it could 10 years ago. Copper-wire phone company dsl offerings are lagging far behind modern wireless offerings like ViaSat-2. Until recently, the only other option has been crowded cable connections and aging DSL from the phone company.

DSL is often solid as long as the phone company maintains it, but in a suburb like Broken Arrow or Tulsa County you know the phone company isn’t upgrading wire -why would they, they have sold or usually over-sold,all they can.

Cable Internet Service in Broken Arrow, OK

Cable is laid throughout many cities and suburbs in the US. But any time they put in cable they ad entire streets and neighborhoods to the same line. And everyone on the line shares that same cable. This means, when ever your neighbor logs on, your service is degraded. Cable companies almost never put in new lines or extended service, but often oversell internet to an area. Your cable service may be shared with hundreds or thousands of people, taking up your promised bandwidth.

Bandwidth Caps in Tula County or Broken Arrow

Cell data has great reliability and often consistent service, but unrealistic data caps. And you get charges for overages or you have to get an “unlimited” plan that is only “unlimited” for 22GB… That’s the equivalent to 3 HD movies of Amazon. If you like your Amazon Video and Netflix, you may want to check out ViaSat-2 Unlimited Internet. Where we like to say: To Infinity and Beyond.

Satellite has a Data Caps, Broken Arrow Oklahoma

Does your satellite service have a data cap or soft data cap with a slow down?

You may be able to get Satellite where you’re at, but most satellite plans -even unlimited satellite internet plans- have soft data caps with substantial slow downs and speed limits on your non-prime data. Double Ought Systems provides ViaSat-2 Unlimited, No Data Cap, No Speed Limit Data Plans to all those same places -Basically Everywhere.

Double Ought Systems in Broken Arrow

Double Ought Systems provides internet service in the 918 and 539 area codes,Broken Arrow,Tula County, and zipcodes: 74011, 74012, 74013, 74014. If you don’t know the numbers in your area, you may be able to find it on this map of the Broken Arrow zipcodes.

Double Ought’s new ViaSat-2 internet may be just what you need. Call us if you have any questions or contact us via the contact page.