Retirement Village Oklahoma


Days on Site

Time Without TV

Satisfied Customer

The Challenge

This sprawling retirement community in Eastern Oklahoma was and excellent challenge. It included a rewire of existing assisted living buildings and common areas as well as separate apartments, and an entire neighborhood of individual dwellings, duplexes, and triplexes that needed a new TV solution after the cable company raised their rates five-fold.

The Solution

We were able to provide a flexible installation schedule for this property -even though the cable company tried to play games with individual accounts- we kept customers happy and got the installs done with little downtime, in spite of one of the worst heat waves in years.

We Rethought Everything

Worked with the Client

Finished the Job on-time.

System Particulars

DRE System

Hotel customers now enjoy the same great DirecTV experience they are familiar with at home!

Lower Cost Per Room

Our lodging & Institutional rates are typically lower than any cable rates and offers more channels and better picture!

100 New Channels

DirecTV DRE system for hotels and other institutions offers over 150 channels, with multiple packages to choose from and customization options to give you an edge over the competition and keep your customers coming back for more!

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Our TV solutions save money per room and provide more and better channels for your customers. We have years of experience installing Hotels, Motels, Assisted Living, County Homes, Ski Lodges, Suites, Cabins, Bars, Pubs and many other commercial and hospitality venues.

We specialize Dre and Com2000 systems. Pre and Post Wire available. Below are some of the hundreds of projects we've worked on over the years.