If you’ve never purchased satellite internet because of data caps, wait no longer.

Ready for no caps, unlimited, fast internet? ViaSat launched unlimited data Internet plans for the first time ever! Unlimited data plans are the future of satellite internet for everyone. While we’ve launched no caps, no slow-down service plans in many areas for now, we’re planning to offer this type of service all across the U.S. and beyond in the very near future.

What can you do with unlimited data?

Banking. Shopping. Homework. Anything you routinely use the internet for: Streaming music and video. Downloading files. Checking your Social media and News, sports, weather. Everything you love – just more of it.

Who should get the Unlimited Plan?

Double Ought’s new unlimited service through ViaSat is a great choice for people who don’t have cable where they live. It will be an upgrade for your family if you’ve been stuck with slow DSL or a local wireless service.

Are there different types of unlimited data plans?

In some areas, we’re offering three types of unlimited data plans. The main differences between these plans are speed and video streaming quality. For more information about video quality click here